Youth Sports Vision

Dorchester YMCA Youth Sports VisionThe Vision of the Dorchester County Family YMCA’s Youth Sports Program is to be an outstanding youth sports organization that provides values- based sports experiences and instruction. While winning or setting a record feels good, we hope that our young athletes learn more some very important life skills in the process. We do this in two ways:

1.  Creating Outstanding Player Experiences:

  • Athletes have fun at practices and games.
  • Athletes develop strong character and learn life lessons that have value beyond the playing field.
  • Athletes feel like an important part of the team regardless of performance.
  • Athletes develop a lifestyle of healthy living.
  • Athletes learn basic skills of the sport, through age appropriate experiences and challenges

2.  Changing the Culture of Youth Sports:

  • Redefining what it means to be a winner. (Everyone plays, everyone wins)
  • Providing coaches the tools they need to be successful coaches and leaders
  • Providing a safe, fulfilling experience for coaches, volunteers, parents and children

3.  As an organization, we encourage our coaches and our parents to ask themselves the following questions?

  • Did my child/players become more skillful so they are both stronger and safer?
  • Did my child/players show initiative, wanting to practice without coercion by parents and coaches?
  • Did my child/players learn about unselfishness, sacrificing personal wants for the good of others or the team?
  • Did my child/players benefit from the competitive experience; learning how to handle winning and losing with grace, joy for others, and humility?
  • Did my child/players learn more patience in overcoming obstacles, setbacks, and problems?
  • Did my child/players begin to build the foundations of dedication, commitment, and hard work?

In a few years, the medals and ribbons will be laid aside and “winning” will be a hazy memory. The friendships that develop and the life skills learned will carry on in importance. This is the essence of our coaching vision.