Shaolin Kempo Style Karate

Dorchester County Family YMCA Shaolin Kempo Style KarateThe Dorchester County Family YMCA offers karate classes, from beginner to advanced level, for young children, youth, teens and adults.

Our Shaolin Kempo Karate classes are provided in a safe, ethical, and traditional environment that caters to all levels of experience. YMCA karate classes focus on a variety of skills and areas of personal growth, such as self-defense, self-confidence, personal discipline, respect for others and physical conditioning.

The Shaolin Kempo Karate school has been in operation at the Dorchester County Family YMCA for 28 continuous years under the direction of Sensei Kevin Warner.

Sensei Warner has over 30 years of experience in this style and has also studied in Okinawa, Japan. With very high expectations for all of his students, he requires proof good grades and good behavior both in and out of the Karate classroom.

Shaolin Kempo Karate is a “street style” martial art, designed to keep the participants in excellent physical condition while teaching self-defense.

This family friendly class accepts students of all ages and skill sets.

With year round classes & training, students are welcome to begin at any time!  

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AGES6 years and up

FEES:  *** $30 per month for YMCA members, *** $45 per month for Community Participants

*** A two week notice is required in writing for cancelation Participation in the program requires ACH Authorization Once enrolled fee is charged regardless of attendance