Raquestball CourtsRacquetball is a great sport for all ages! The great part about Indoor 4 wall racquetball is it’s fun, fast, and the ball never gets too far away from you!

The Dorchester County Family YMCA has two courts that are free for members. You can even check out racquets and racquetballs from the front desk.

You can practice by yourself, play with one other opponent, play “cutthroat” with 3 players, and doubles with 4 players. So, regardless of the number of friends you have, Racquetball is your sport!

It is recommended that appropriate eyewear be worn at all times to prevent accidental injury.

The Dorchester YMCA has an informal league that plays on Tuesdays and Thursday nights from 4:30—7:30pm.  The courts are open to members and guests during other hours.