Bob Brannock Endowment Fund


There are so many stories to tell about Mr. Bob…..where to start. He was at the YMCA on a regular basis, working on himself as well as working on various aspects of the building and equipment that needed fixing. Faced with a debilitating disease that threatened to steal his zest for life, his spirit and his pride, Mr. Bob forged ahead…never giving up despite the odds and challenges of Parkinson’s. As noted by long time friend and former board member Barb Brooks, “He was just that kind of man. And he brought that commitment and passion to building a YMCA for this community that would stand the test of time…..something that we can all take pride in….that would last and be here for everyone.” Board President Kenny Kreiser shared that “Bob was instrumental in building and creating the Y that we have all grown to love and it is our belief that he would want to do whatever he could to continue investing in this Y and our community. He demonstrated that daily in the way he lived his life. He crept into the hearts of all of the Y’s staff and our members as he has over the years with so many in our community. “

The Bob Brannock Endowment Fund will enable the YMCA to honor the legacy that he left behind. “In our minds, Mr. Bob represented the mission and values of the Y. His dedication and spirit in the face of overwhelming challenges represents so much of what many in our community face. But the example that he set....the way he lived....with pride, honor and integrity….the fact that he never gave up....and that he was always there for this community and our Y....well that’s the legacy that Bob Brannock left behind….and his story is an inspiration to all. We will miss him dearly.” added CEO JoAnn Hansen

With the permission of the Brannock family, the Dorchester County Family YMCA is currently accepting donations to The Bob Brannock Endowment Fund which is being created to assist in supporting the ongoing facility and operations challenges that Bob was so actively involved in solving. As with Endowment funds, the funds raised are managed by the YMCA Board of Directors. As the funds build, the YMCA will be able to regularly withdraw from the invested capital to assist in sustaining the YMCA when faced with operational or facility challenges.

If you have any questions about the fund or wish to make a donation, please contact JoAnn Hansen at the Dorchester YMCA at 410-221-0505 or simply stop by or mail your contribution to the Dorchester County Family YMCA located at 201 Talbot Avenue, Cambridge, MD 21613. At this time, please make checks out to the Dorchester County Family YMCA. For more information about the Dorchester County Family YMCA, please see