Legacy of Love

New Security System install at the Dorchester family YMCA in Cambridge marylandWith support from The Pauline F. and W. David Robbins Charitable Foundation Trust, the Dorchester County Family YMCA recently installed a security system on its facility, thereby safeguarding the health and wellbeing of children, families and the facility itself for years to come. The state-of-the-art system was installed under the watchful eye of Bay Country Security owner Richard Blake and his team.

Funds were also provided by The Pauline F. and W. David Robbins Charitable Foundation Trust to support the mission of the YMCA and ensure that the Y continues to deliver on its promise of being open and accessible to all. JoAnn Hansen, CEO of the Y shared that “the very essence of this community is one built on generosity and helping your neighbor. It’s one of the very unique characteristics of this community and one that was clearly held very dear by Pauline and David Robbins. Their support enables us to provide assistance to qualifying individuals, many of whom are seniors living on fixed incomes, military families, single parents struggling to make ends meet or families who are suffering or recovering from a job loss or health issues and who need childcare so they can continue to work.” "We are grateful for the impact that the Y has had on so many lives, and we are honored and privileged to be able to share Mr. Robbin’s love for the Y by helping make it available to all members of our community.” added Vernon Phillips, Board Member for the Dorchester County Family YMCA and friend of Leonard Foxwell, brother to Pauline.

Leonard Foxwell, a long-time resident of Dorchester County, is guided by a love for his sister and brother-in-law and a desire to ensure that the legacy that Pauline and David Robbins leave behind is one that represents their love of community, church and family, and safeguarding the values that each of these institutions represents.

The Y brings all of these components together by serving as a second home for many and providing a safe place where inclusiveness is fostered, diversity is embraced, and where children and families can build relationships and find the support needed to build stronger families and communities for a better tomorrow.