Current Facility

The Dorchester Family YMCA's current facility has been undergoing renovations since 2005, several phases have been completed but the Renovations will continue on an ongoing basis until all phases of the plan have been completed.

New Gymnasium FloorCurrent Facility:

  • Gymnasium
  • Full Basketball Court
  • Indoor Heated Swimming Pool
  • Weight Room
  • Wellness Room
  • Racquetball Courts
  • Men, Women & Family Locker Rooms
  • Sports Fields
  • Kid Zone - kids 6 months to 8 years old
  • The Active Zone - kids 8 years old to 14 years old
  • Dance Studio

Since the Dorchester Family YMCA was chartered in 1985, its home has been the old Cambridge High School located on Talbot Street.

In 1988, Dorchester County officially deeded the facility to the YMCA. In order to open its doors in January 1986, many of the old classrooms had to be converted to program areas. The gymnasium, which was built 1955, was kept in its original form. In 2000, the YMCA added a heated indoor pool. The pool has enabled the YMCA to develop a successful aquatics program. 

While the old school has provided a home for the YMCA in a great location, it has not been an ideal facility. There have been continuing problems with the roof. In addition, the older heating, air conditioning, ventilation, plumbing, electrical systems have been costly to maintain. Finally, not all of the facility is well suited to the YMCA’s needs.

In 2005, the Board of Directors determined that a major renovation of the facility was required to assure the continuing vitality of the YMCA. The goals of the renovation were to:

  • Improve the appearance and functionality of the facility in a manner that encourages new memberships.
  • Develop spaces that are tailored to meet the needs of revenue generating programs.
  • Reduce the YMCA’s operating costs.
  • Modernize the facility to meet or exceed, where possible, health and safety standards that are applicable to newer buildings.

The Board has approved a Nine Phase Facility-Repurposing Plan to achieve these goals. Phase I, II and III are complete.

The total cost of the capital improvements is estimated at $3,450,000.00. The Board plans to meet these financial obligations through:

  • Ambitious fund raising campaign
  • Extensive volunteer participation
  • A Matching state grant

Members of the community are encouraged to contribute in any way possible.